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Getting Lost in the Mysteries of The Night Circus2 min read

I loved the Night Circus.

Granted I am in love with night time, maybe that’s why the book struck a chord with me. I write better at night, I work better at night. There is a certain enchantment that the night offers while most of the world sleeps.

The Night Circus, a fantasy novel by the author Erin Morgenstern captures this enchantment very well.

Celia and Marco by @morgana0anagrom

I was inspired to read the book while scrolling on Instagram and seeing this beautiful artwork on the left by @morganaoanagrom (you can also check out more of her work HERE).

I never even heard of the book before (even though it was published in 2011) but I knew I had to read it because of the way I felt upon stumbling on this artwork. I was not disappointed.

It took getting used to the nonlinear narrative (I didn’t particularly like the jumping back and forth, it was disorienting) but once you get over it, the story keeps you coming back for more. I loved the protagonists Celia and Marco and I loved the fact it was not another cheesy love story. There were high stakes that kept you engrossed in the lives of these characters.

In the era of sequels and series, it was very refreshing to get closure at the end. I didn’t realize it was something I missed about books until I finished the book. I think I may have read one too many cliffhangers this past year!

I loved how the competition features the different learning styles of Celia’s and Marco’s respective teachers. I also appreciated that it was not a gory slugfest either, it was more of a battle of endurance, mastery, and skills. By the end of the book, I was rooting for both competitors (also their teachers in my humble opinion are insane!) and couldn’t imagine one winning over the other. The other did a great job at wrapping up all the narratives without losing any of all the carefully subplots in the story.

Without further ado, let’s wrap this up.

Pros: Beautiful prose, great character developments, engaging story (mostly after the first act)

Cons: You have to get through the first act (I was tempted to abandon it, but the artwork kept me pushing through), a lot of the magic is left ambiguous till the end and even then it’s not fully explained.

The Night Circus gets a solid 4 out of 5 Black Crowns



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